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Updated: Aug 8, 2020

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Some nonprofits are profiting during COVID-19

In the age of social distancing and trying to protect ourselves from COVID-19, we often take for granted our ability to think out the box and adapt to circumstances. You may be asking, what can I do to help my nonprofit during this COVID-19 pandemic. More so than ever it is important for you to consider enhancing the brand of your non-profit.

According to Network with Good, “More than half (56%) of the organizations that completed a comprehensive re-brand saw revenue increase, compared to 41% of organizations that implemented limited rebranding.” This survey included a greater increase in audience participation, improved staff ability, and confidence about their overall value as a nonprofit.

Proper content strategy for your nonprofit organization is key because it can lead to what brings new supporters, members and fundraising possibilities to offset the economic struggles that COVID-19 has presented. Take a look at the suggestions below.


During this COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential for nonprofits to readjust their branded message and set the right tone. The tone should demonstrate a tone of understanding and appreciation for difficulties while illustrating why fundraising is important now more than ever. Perhaps even shift the focus to meet the needs of members and donors. Remind your audience that you are still there with adjusted measures to ensure continued operation.

Does your nonprofit need more additional funding during this COVID-19 crisis? Take measures to explain where the costs are coming from. Emphasize remote giving to make it easy to donate. During this sensitive time, nonprofits must acknowledge their hardships but ask from a place of empathy. If a donor can't financially contribute, show how can they help in other ways.

Modifying your nonprofit's message helps to better connect with your audience in a new environment and bring it to its ultimate potential.


Modifying your non-profit's branded graphics during COVID-19 is important to ensure relevant and valuable content. Your revised graphics must now be in alignment with your revised message for consistency. Graphics such as brand color, photos, fonts, and alignment have an overall impact on your nonprofit branded presentation and helps your message to come alive. It sets the tone for your organization, and the visual impact can have longstanding effects. With the right concise imaging, this could significantly increase a nonprofit's overall visibility bringing in more targeted supporters to help strengthen the community of your nonprofit. It also helps retain a person’s memory on seeing your message, and it increases the rate that they visit your brand. Visibility is key, especially now when everyone is at home primed to view your content. Strategically branded graphics that express empathy and stimulate emotions can help make you stand out and get noticed among the many other nonprofits with similar messages.


In response to stay at home orders, more people are staying home due to the constant worries of the spread of COVID-19. However, what you might not realize is the resources that proper branding techniques can do to help your nonprofit stay alive in our “new normal.” The "new normal" that involves increased virtual engagement. Nonprofits are primed for storytelling, with inspirational messages, that can engage a community, and make a person more likely to keep hitting that share button on any given social media channel. The silver lining that COVID-19 has presented is that everyone staying home and are more likely to consume your content virtually. So now is the time to expand and go where you have never gone before on the internet and beyond.

Social Media Posts: With your revised message and graphics, it is necessary for you to saturate your nonprofit's social media pages with posts that are relevant and effective in capturing attention and stimulating an action.

Social Media Advertising: With any budget that you may have available, it may be worth it to pay for social media advertising to boost your visibility.

Social Media Group Engagement: Increase your social media group engagement. Participate more in dialogs with helpful and/or engaging comments. Find a way to attract them to your nonprofit organization.

Blogs: Increase your blog postings to increase your website traffic and draw more attention.

Outdoor Advertising: Take advantage of your commercial/retail space. Capture the attention of by passers with banners, window graphics, flags etc., to let current and potential supporters know you are still in operation and still in need of support.

Supporters: Expand your reach with your current supporters. Get them more involved. Inspire your volunteers, board members, and donors to share your updated brand message/campaign on their social media channels and word of mouth.

The key to the survival of your nonprofit lies in the way you market and expand to new audiences. With the proper branding techniques and strategic utilization of various tools and platforms, your nonprofit organization is more likely to experience continued profit during COVID-19.


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