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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

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Window graphics are saving some retail businesses during COVID-19

COVID-19 has created major shifts in the way individuals go about their daily lives. For small retailers, the repercussions of the pandemic have resulted in devastating effects. It is not uncommon to see previously thriving businesses now experiencing financial hardships. However, retailers are benefiting from signage such as window graphics to help recover from this economic disruption and continue to thrive during COVID-19. Window graphics help to keep customers informed about ever-changing hours, products, protocols, etc.

Although often overlooked, the impact of window graphics are enormous and has a lasting impression on individuals who come across them. Especially, during these unprecedented times, storefront advertising and communication is just as important now than ever before. Retailers ranging from restaurants to dry cleaners to clothing departments utilize window graphics to grab people's attention in hopes of drawing them into the store. They not only spark interest but are also an influential factor that can attract new customers during COVID-19.

Window graphics showcase what can be offered to those who pass by. It is one of the main reasons why individuals become intrigued and decide to go inside. Due to COVID-19, retailers have noticed less foot traffic and therefore a decrease in business. With fewer people visiting and purchasing products, it is harder for some retailers to stay afloat. Because of this, it is crucial for business owners to find an effective way to advertise and communicate on a budget. Whether you are a small or large retailer, it is essential to place window graphics at your location. The placement of signage such as window graphics just might be all it takes to catch a customer's eye.

4 Key Benefits of Window Graphics for Retailers during COVID-19

Affordable Advertising and Communication:

Window graphics are a great way to let others know what they can gain from visiting your store. It is a cost-effective alternative to other advertising strategies. Since money may be tight because of the COVID-19 pandemic, window graphics are a great way to help boost sales and spread awareness about your business. Window graphics do not experience much wear and tear which in the long run can pay for itself multiple times over. Additionally, branding and advertising new products can get pricey through online platforms, and traditional media especially if needed to be done repeatedly. However, custom window graphics are an affordable alternative, and depending on the type of signage desired, there are different material options to ensure it stays within your budget.

Window graphics are Informational:

With a greater number of people staying home due to COVID-19, customers may be less aware of, new products and sales, therefore window graphics are an effective way to advertise services and ongoing specials. Window graphics can easily provide basic information to let customers know what they may want or need. There are endless possibilities for designs, for example, window graphics can even promote special discounts relating to COVID-19 essentials. Windows graphics can instantly give customers a perspective of the current state of operations, products, and promotions when passing by at a quick glance.

Window graphics may not require permits:

Permits can be pricey and complicated to obtain. However, a benefit of window graphics is that it may not be required. Because of this, retailers can display their window graphics promptly. They may not have to go through the long process of filling out paperwork or have to worry about getting fined. Since restrictions on window graphics are not as limited, once you create the design, it can be installed immediately with no hassle. In contrast to other signage which requires a permit, window graphics may not.

Window graphics can help to Direct Customers:

Window graphics can be used to encourage social distancing during this COVID-19. Keeping a safe distance from others can help save lives and social distance window graphics communicate this message. Social distance signage reminds by-passersby-passers about the guidelines they should abide by. With COVID-19 being a prevalent issue, it is important to utilize window graphics to spread awareness while also letting customers know that their safety is a top priority.

Window graphics are an ideal way to influence customers and by-passers. Not only do they showcase a business’ new products and promotions, but they enable retailers to do so in a cost-effective way. There are many advertising motives for window graphics but more recently, some graphics are used to inform individuals about the importance of staying socially distanced during COVID-19. It does not matter if you are a small or large retailer, because the benefits gained by installing window graphics are enormous. Whether you want to save money, time, or take more safety precautions, window graphics are the way to go.


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